Thursday, December 29, 2011

My girl!

Eating cupcake batter from Grandma!

The Ginger bread man needed a time out!

My angel is so silly! She repeats anything we say! She says "Goodness Mom". It is so silly! She has been sick for about 2 weeks but has been such a trooper. We finally took her to see the BEST DOCTOR in Logan! (Dr Visick). He told us she had a sinus infection! (I know, I am MOTHER and nurse of the year)! I kept thinking she was going to get better, and she wouldn't.

Today she tried to hit Mylie over and over again. I finally made her stand in the corner and she came out saying, "Mom, I sorry". "We don't hit." It was the cutest thing ever! Later I found she had put the Christmas ginger bread man in the corner for time out. It was so funny I had to take a picture. "She tells him, we don't hit, tell me when you are sorry!"

I just LOVE her personality and her spunk!

She also loves to play "soccer" She calls any ball soccer ball. It makes me giggle.

She also has been so good at saying please and thank you.

I can't believe how big my little angel is getting!

Christmas EVE!

All the kids opening presents.

The cutest girls on the plant in their Christmas Dora Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa.

Ashie and Angel Girl

The girls in their Jammies.

We had a Christmas Eve party at our house. We had all of my family and all of Eric's family come. It was a blast. I love having family over! It is great when we can all get together and have a good time. We planned to have lunch at our house because I was supposed to work at the hospital at one in the afternoon. I ended up getting put on call and it was a wonderful day.

That evening Kaidance and I went to my Grandma Hancey's for their annual party. It was so much fun. The kids had an amazing time. They planned for Santa to come and bring each kid presents. I LOVE my family! So amazing!

Later that night we went to my parents home. They gave Kaidance and Kylie matching pajamas. They gave Shakobe jammies too, but I think his parents were happy they weren't they same as Kaidance and Kylies:).

What a wonderful Christmas eve, 2011!

Playing with Best Friend, Kylie

Pretending to take a nap!

Kaidance has been wanting to play with Kylie on a daily basis. They are doing so well together! It is funny, a lot of times they are dressed similar without us even planning it! This winter break has been great for family and friends!

We love you KYLIE!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Britt GingerBread House

We made our first Ginger Bread house! It turned out pretty good. Kaidance wasn't too interested. She liked to eat the candy more than anything.

It was a fun activity to do as a family, I think we will keep it as a Christmas tradition.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Christmas EVE!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Polar Express

We were lucky enough to be able to go to Heber City last night and ride the Polar Express Train. It was such a great time! I love being able to experience new things with my angel. She loved it. She has been watching the Polar Express movie for a few weeks now and she enjoys it. She loves to make Choo-Choo noises and loves to call big trucks, trains.

Anyway, it was fun. They passed out cookies and Hot cocoa on the ride there. We sang Christmas Carols on the way there and back. We passed Santa on the ride and then he got on our train. It was so exciting to see Kaidance's love for Santa. She calls him SANA CAUSE. At daycare they talked about him, so she will say, SANA CAUSE, HO-HO. It is really cute. She also says that he is going to bring her toys. She talked to him and told him to bring her toys and a baby doll. He gave her a bell and then she gave him a high five!

This seriously made my Christmas!

Baking and Stealing Mylies new Bed.

I was baking cookies a few weeks ago and Kaidance was loving helping me. Then all the sudden she disappeared.

I found that she had taken over Mylie's new bed. She also decided that her baby had to get in the bed with her! I don't think Mylie was too amused!

Christmas Party

Herff Jones had their annual Christmas party at the Fun Park this year! It was the best party I had ever been to. Kaidance LOVES the soft play and bowling there! All the activities were paid for except for Arcade games.
They had Santa come and Kaidance even sat on his lap!
Seriously, Good Job Herff Jones! This was the best Christmas party yet! It was fun for all ages!!